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A Planet of Mine is a strategy game that initially may seem like somewhat of a basic, minimalist experience. But don't be fooled, its development expands to become a full blown 4X (eXploración, eXplotación, eXpansión and eXtermination) in your pocket.

On each planet, you use natural resources to build all kinds of structures increasing your production speed and gaining access to new types of raw materials. A sort of 'space chicken' is the master race under your control. Your mission? Conquer the entire galaxy.

When you gain enough resources, leave your planet manning your spaceship in search of new planets to colonize while gliding through the vast emptiness of space. In turn you'll encounter other hostile races to negotiate with, or ultimately, annihilate.

A Planet of Mine is a fantastic resource management game for Android. Its main asset - in addition to proposing a scalable and very enjoyable game system - is its graphics and controls which are perfectly adapted to short gaming sessions, very well-suited to smartphones. Yet another reason to believe that any genre can successfully emerge on mobile devices when agile game design is involved.
By Erika Okumura
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A Planet of Mine, the finest of 4X strategy on Android

Classic 4X strategy "eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate" has always kept close ties as a genre to desktop PCs. Until now its mellowed down pace allowed sessions to drag on for hours. A leisurely endeavour marked by the odd 3AM dinner, players daydreamed about planetary commercial values which served as the hallmark for games that require a level of commitment rarely upheld by today's players. Surprisingly, French Studio Tuesday Quest has rendered this same experience, compressing its baroque format onto Android successfully bringing 4X to life within the mobile realm. A Planet of Mine is so well adapted, in fact, it's time we take a look at why.
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